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Deborah A. King Therapy

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy in Kansas City and Leavenworth, Kansas

Founded in 1978, Deborah A King & Associates has transformed thousands of lives in the Kansas City metropolitan area, from the toddler at age 3 to a 95 year old. Deborah A. King, M.A., the founder, has built this business to serve patients in nursing homes, private schools, day care centers, private homes, corporate settings and in her 3 office locations.  Though she has expertise in speech, she has many therapists who are highly trained in physical, occupational, and speech therapy.  We treat the developmentally delayed including aspergers and autism, which is a growing and ever changing specialty.  Even with a wide variety of treatments and specialties, these therapists make an effort to provide a special environment that is both safe and successful in bringing healing.  As the founder, Deborah King grew up on a farm in the middle of Kansas, she always keeps those values of hard work, honesty, and the personal touch as a high priority, which she learned when growing up among wheat fields and tractors. All of her therapists are licensed either by the Kansas and/or Missouri State Board of Medical Examiners.